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Friday, April 15, 2016

Diamond Education

The Cut of a diamond is often looked at as the most important aspect when receiving/assessing its grading. The Cut, when done properly, allows light to enter the diamond, reflect from the base, and disperse back through the upper facets. This creates the shimmering brilliance to behold when one gazes into a diamond.

The Clarity of a diamond is the measurement of its blemishes and inclusions when viewed using 10 x magnifications by a Jewelers Loupe. The Gemological Grading Services (GGS) International Diamond Grading System assigns diamond Clarity grades from Flawless (FL) down to Imperfect 3 (I3). Flaws in a diamond ultimately bring down its value. Since diamonds are formed deep in the Earth’s core it is common for them to have either inclusions (internal) or blemishes (external) flaws.

Diamonds are naturally created in all colors of the rainbow. The most sought after diamonds are the ones that appear colorless because these stones emit the most light, and are the most versatile in settings. The Gemological Institute of America color grading scale begins with the ranking of D, a colorless diamond, and continuing down to Z, light yellow.

The most well-known and discussed diamond statistic is its carat. Gemstones are measured by their weight in metric carats. Measuring the carat weight of a diamond is observed to the hundred thousandths of a carat. It is important to understand that a carat is a measurement of weight not purity, and in diamonds, bigger is not always better.

As a diamond consumer it is imperative to consider the 4Cs of diamonds; however as an investor it is important to validate the Certification of a diamond one buys. Gemological Grading Services (GGS) grades every diamond we sell based on the 4Cs of each diamond. A certificate of authenticity will accompany the grade validating the findings of the GGS. This gives our investors complete transparency to know exactly what they are receiving. Having this certification guarantees the quality of the investment and will make liquidation of the asset effortless.

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